The House of Oliver Coen


Every story has a beginning, and this is ours. Oliver Coen started with an ambition to make and sell exceptional watches. From our early daring experimental designs to our vision for the future of luxury, we chase perfection and redefine standards of service and craftsmanship. Discover the elements that define us and have made Oliver Coen one of the fastest growing watch brands in the world. Join us as the story continues to unfold.


Smart Casual Watches


Oliver Coen is the epitome of smart casual. Our unique, industry leading designs expertly fuse sophistication with informal undertones.

Customers immediately connect with our product's colours and textures: from the highly polished stainless steel case to the hand-crafted Italian leather straps.
It is our attention to detail which takes our customer experience into another dimension.


Instruments of precision



Oliver Coen watches boast world-renowned Japanese Miyota quartz movements, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Our debut collection features a date display in a window at 4 o’clock which changes systematically at midnight.

We undertake rigorous testing of every timepiece to ensure it's a realisation of our exceptional standards. 

Designed to inspire



From the moment the watch arrives in the signature Oliver Coen gift box, customers embark on a very special ownership journey. Each watch provides a unique wearing experience that will inspire the imagination and encourage the creation of truly individual ideas.

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